Tuesday, March 8

I am a Woman, Hear me Roar

Today is International Women's Day, a day when the world celebrates having us, women, the superior gender.

The gender of all mothers, the mighty beings.

The gender that chews off it partner's head and eat it for supper, after sex - the Back Widow spider.

The gender that draws blood and kills with dead viruses - the mosquito.

The gender with the capablity to produce milk to feed the young - all mammals.

The gender who got up, walked over and made a male bugger snubbed off his cigarette in an alfresco dinning, while the rest of the diners are just wimpily to suck in those cancer-causing smoke - yes, that's yours truly.

I paid to eat, not take in bloody second-hand smoke. So get the fuck out of here before I shed you to pieces! ROOARRRRR!!!!

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