Tuesday, March 15

14 Days Later

That picture below was me, 2 weeks back, weighing in at 64kg at the start of my diet!! If you had been following my blog, you would know that I was 63kg, when I decided to lose some weight, but in just 24 hours I put on another 1 kg. No kidding! My weight skyrocketed as though I was a balloon and someone was blowing air into me so quickly.

So my diet officially kick started on 1st Mar. I am to restrict my in-take of carbs, which means goodbye to all things nice and sweet. No more desserts, breads, rice, noodles, crackers, chips and so much more.

So what have I been surviving on? Water and air?

No. These are what I had been eating. No, not just salad. Scroll down further.

Grilled Chicken with lots of greens, makes good lunch or dinner any time.

Chicken Mayo sandwich, without the buns - my favorite choice of snack.

I hadn't expect the Pan-fried salmons and broccoli to taste so yummy!

My hearty breakfast of turkey breast, bacons and eggs.

Fast food? No problem. Low carb burger from Carls Junior is something that I can enjoy while dieting.

Although I had stay away from tidbits like potato crisps, I found a delicious alternative - seaweeds!

Without ice-creams, my low-carb cocoa drink with whipped cream is the closest I can get.

I am eating all those and more, up to 5 times a day. When Mr Hubby saw the way I was eating, he asked, totally bewildered, "Are you sure you are on diet?"

Of course, I am on a diet, if not, how do you think I was able to lose 2kg in 14 days!

I went from 64.0kg to 61.9kg eating what most people on diet would stay far far away from. Unbelievable? Believe it!

My weight-loss battle continues...

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WildStyleWes said...

I dont understand the SI Unit system too much or utilize it (American) But I should follow your example! Good job!!


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