Sunday, April 3

1 Month, Almost 4 Kilos Gone

From 64.0kg to 60.8kg in 31 days.

I have lost close to 4kgs (3200g to be exact) in my first month of diet. *grinning. And I could still have my feast of crabs for dinner earlier! Salted Eggs and Creamy Pumpkin Crabs! Low-carb, no guilt, fingers licking good!


Mr Hubby hand-made me a poster, actually it was meant to be used for cheering me on at the Class 95's Stiletto Race, but I caught a cold a couple of days back and decided not to run for the race.

Because the poster is so beautifully done up by my sweetest hubby, it would be a waste not putting it into good use, so I would pretend that it is meant to cheer me on for my quest of weight-loss instead. Hmm... where shall I hang it? Right in the middle of our living room? Hahaha...

7kg more to target! GANBATEH to myself!!

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