Thursday, March 31

Daddy's Little Girl

We celebrated Mr Hubby's birthday a week ago and I have just the most heart-warming and funny little story to share about our 3 year old girl, Laetitia.

When we returned from our short, but very romantic getaway, there was a memorable present waiting at home for Mr Hubby. My mom who came over to babysit our two children while we were away brought Laetitia to the supermarket that morning. She asked if Laetitia would like to buy her father a present since it was his birthday. Laetitia nodded away in delighted.

My mom told her that she could choose anything and my mom would pay it for her. She brought my mom to the aisle where the beers are displayed.  So here is their conversation (as according to my mom).

Laetitia: I want to buy beer because Daddy likes to drink beer.
My Mom: Ok. Popo buys for you ok? (Randomly grab a 6-pack bundle.)
Laetitia: No! Not so many.
My Mom: (Puzzled) Huh??? Why?
Laetitia: Daddy coughs. Cannot drink a lot. One enough. (Took a can of Chang beer from the rack.)

My mom told me her heart almost melted hearing those words from Laetitia. Our little girl really knows her father very well.

She also ask to buy some balloons. When they came home and my mom helped with the gift-wrapping and Laetitia picked a red heart-shaped balloon to go with her Daddy's present.

She is truly her Daddy's perfect little angel and I can't be more proud of her.

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