Thursday, May 12

The Darndest Things That I Heard

Do you remember watching this comedy talk show, hosted by Bill Cosby, "Kids Say The Darndest Things"?

I have exact one at home, who says the darndest things, sometime at the most inappropriate occasion.


We were in the lift, Laetitia saw a lady eating banana, so she pointed to the lady and said, "Look, someone eating banana." "Yes." I nodded. "Eats banana... just like a monkey!" The lift door opened, I had to make a hasty exit or risk dying from embarrassment.

Another time, we were in the nearby mall, walking behind a rather obese woman. Laetitia suddenly commented, "Wow! She is so FAT! I don't like fat people." Luckily the mall was very crowded and too noisy for the woman in front to hear her.

Whenever my kids misbehave, I would give them a warning before making them stand at a corner. I would say something like, "Stop it now or you'll get into serious trouble!" Then one evening, the TV was showing a guy confessing that he was in some kind of trouble (can't remember his exact words). Laetitia turned to me and said, "See, he is in trouble, his mommy will ask him to stand at the corner!" I couldn't stop laughing.

Just now over at dinner. Laetitia was showing off some new Mandarin phrases which she had recently mastered and she had hardly touched her food. So I barked her, "Laetitia, quick, eat your dinner." She whined, "I can't finished. It's too much." "That's nonsense!" I shot back. To my biggest surprise, she said, "No. That's not nonsense. That's English." I almost fell off my dinning chair.

What would I do if I didn't have this good sense of humor?!

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