Saturday, May 28

Star Cruising

We have done it again; travelling without our helper and this time we did it together with my brother and parents-in-law. We were on board Star Cruise's Super Virgo for a 3D/2N cruise to Pulau Redang, Malaysia.

I really love and hate travelling with my kids. I love it when I see those precious smiles on their faces. I hate it because it usually brings out the worst in me. It is almost like this OCD got to me; working myself crazy to ensure that they are safe, well-fed and sleep soundly throughout the trip. Talking about being paranoid.

Anyhow, besides being rather short-fused whenever I travel with the young ones, I did have a good time swimming with the kids in Pulau Redang and enjoying the wonderful sea view from the balcony of our cabin.

And I have to thank my dearest Mr Hubby for helping me out with our kids, especially with Leonitus, who decided to give us a preview of his Terrible Two.

Now that we are more confident to travel with our kids, nothing will stand in our way for our next overseas trip in Sept. : )

More pictures of my two munchkins here.

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