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Wednesday, June 22

Obedient Wives Club

What can you do to prevent your husband from being unfaithful?

Become his prostitute! No, not just any street hooker but a first-class "elite-type" one. This is the solution given by the V.P of the controversial Obedient Wives Club. OWC was first set up in Malaysia, then Indonesia; it proclaimed to be able to cure all social ills from divorce to incest to prostitution, as long as the wives are submissive and keep their husbands busy with some of the most mind-blowing sex!

She went on to say, " wives, we must treat our husbands better. It’s not just in bed, but everything that a wife can offer. Optimise your role. If we provide our husbands more than a prostitute can give, then our husbands will not go out looking for it.”

Sure. Only if the husband can pay the wife top dollars too. Do you have any idea how much it will cost a man to engage the service of that first-class "elite type" of prostitute, who can make him feel like a million buck, both in and out of bed? An overnight session with a social service escort in Singapore will cost somewhere around $5000-$8000. Don't believe me. Just google it. 

There had been news that OWC might be setting up a branch here in Singapore. So do our husbands really want elite prostitute type of wives? My take is: then invest in your wives. Because if you don't, you will only end up with wives like the 'Geylang Chickens'! You get what you are paying for? So don't compare and don't complain.

Me? Oh, I must be the most obedient wife, if not where do I get my Chanel, Louis Vuitton and the subsidy for liposuction. Hahahaha...

But joke aside. Marriage is always a two-person thing. So guys, if you want a Julia Roberts, then you gotta be Richard Gere right?!

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Kafka's wife said...

outrageous! they better be richard gere!


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