Friday, July 8

4 years and counting

It only seemed like yesterday that I chatted over the Internet with this ex-schoolmate whom I have never spoken to, back in school. And then last night, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. It is so surreal that I had been so blissfully married to this man for four years already!

He had a lovely bouquet of my favorite white roses delivered to my office. Then I was picked up and whisked to a secret location for wine and dine when I got off work.

We had a bottle of champagne, followed by a bottle of white wine on the top of Singapore, at Altitude. The view from our table was magnificent! It has been such a long time since the two of us hung out at bar; without the kids, everything seemed so much more romantic!

Mr Hubby might not be perfect but he is perfect for me. He is everything I am not; he is like logic, while I represent absurdity. And together, we make life a little more balanced.

Since Mr Hubby travelled at lot for work, some friends were concerned and asked if I am ever worried about bitches and sluts stealing him from me. To me, marriage is about respect and trust; and I believe Mr Hubby would feel the same way about it too.

But anyway, sluts or no sluts, he had already been stolen away from me by Iphone and Ipad 2! He holds them more than he holds me! LOL!!

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