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Friday, September 30

Becoming Gym Rats

For the last couple of months, Mr Hubby has suddenly transformed himself into a fitness fanatic. He would hit the gym or the pool almost every evening. And he seems to have become quite narcissistic too. I watched as he sucks in his tummy and admires his own reflection in the mirror.

Hmmm.... So I had to ask him, "Why are you suddenly so into working out?"

"Because I want to attract younger and prettier women." came his reply.

Gosh!! So, is my marriage heading for trouble??!! Should I be depressed??

Guess what, instead of letting insecurity slowly murdering me and our marriage; I have decided to become Mr Hubby's fitness partner.

Few days back, we were chilling out by the pool after our gym session, Mr Hubby let me in to the real reason for starting to get active. He said he was mortified by the fact that many people around him (including myself) were struck by diseases and he didn't want to lead a sedentary lifestyle, wanting for diseases to manifest anymore. And he also wanted to be a role model for our children, encouraging them to grow up healthy and active.

OK. So my marriage is not doom after all. Perhaps, I should keep away my track shoes and go back to my ice-creams and telly. NOT.

The above picture was taken by Mr Hubby on my first day of fitness partnership, which he posted to his FB page with comment "New workout partner, hope she is not making guest appearance only..."

It has been 4 days, and I must admit, I am feeling GREAT!

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