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Friday, October 21

Suddenly Friday

Had a really busy week; training 4 full days in a roll and before I know it, it's FRIDAY!! WOOHOO!!

This past week, every netizens seemed to be talking about the horrible video where a toddler was ran over by 2 vehicles and was ignored by 18 morons who treated her as though she was some injured strays. I am no evil person but I do wish to see that they hang the first driver because he is every bit of a sociopath and he shouldn't deserve to be living among humans. Read about his dialogue with a reporter here. I am sure you will feel disgusted by his lack of morality.

The little girl is finally free from all her pains and sufferings and moved on to a better place, even though I don't believe in heaven, I think this is still better for her.

Myself, I had a crappy evening (T_T) But I felt so much more at peace with myself now after power-walking continuously for 90mins.

Since, the weekend is round the corner, maybe life shouldn't be all so dark and sinister after all. Here are some of my mobile randomness that reminds me that the world can still be a wonderful place sometimes...

I made gluten-free bread for my two kids who suffer from food intolerance. Not delicious, but I made with it with love.

Stopping at the traffic lights, I looked over my shoulders and saw this funny sight - Laetitia completely

Love my new trainers. Love the quirky color combo of my workout gears!

Finally, the serenity of a sleeping child. I should feel so blessed. So blessed.

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Melissa Yeo said...

Yes you are right cin, we are so blessed. Must always count our blessings.. and may that man BURNT IN HELL!!!


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