Tuesday, November 1

Go Green

I am not the greenest person by nature. I try to refuse a plastic bag if I really don't need one but I don't bring along a recyclable bag to my grocery shopping. I would drop my can into the recycle bin whenever I consume Coke Zero from my office but I threw away countless numbers of Coke Zero's PET bottles down the chute when I am at home. I tried to remember to switch off lights whenever I am not in the area but I need my air-con every night. Yes, even rainy nights.

Probably some iceberg in the Antarctic is melting away because of me; I do feel a tinge of guilt from time to time.

So last Sunday, we (Mr Hubby suggested and I just went along) left our two cars parked at home and took the kids with us on public transport. There is always first time for everything.

We travelled by train to Holland Village for dinner. The kids were over the moon because don't all kids have a strange obsession with trains?! But the best part wasn't until we made our way home.

Laetitia, our nearly 4 year old, had been begging us to take her on a double-decker bus ride like forever. So we decided to take a slight detour by taking Bus #7 from Holland Village to Clementi and then continue our journey home from there, taking the train.

She was ecstatic. The other passengers on the bus must be thinking we were some alien from outer space, for we were taking pictures of our kids like nobody's business while they were going "Woww!! Look! Mommy! Whoooaa!"

We made it home safely. And surprisingly, it had been an enjoyable trip, not just for the kids but we love just as much too.

Do your part. Go Green whenever possible.

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