Thursday, December 15

Simple Joy Is...

Revisiting the place where we had our very first date and reliving the feeling of falling in love.

Having a new hamster, named Quinny Peace (by my 4 YO), who is bold enough to take its feed from my fingers. It is so unlike our previous dwarf hamsters who shunned me like plague.

Baking wonderfully delicious gluten-free and dairy-free banana walnut muffins for my two special kids and seeing them wolfed down those muffins was pure happiness. You won't understand unless you also have kids who suffer from food intolerance.

Seeing how much my little cuties enjoy school. I am so fortunate; those mothers who have to drag their screaming and kicking kids pass those school gates must really envy me to death.

Running. From almost dying after running 800 meters during Cold Storage Kids Run in May this year, to now, completing almost 8 kilometer and still feeling really good. I am amazed by my own level of endurance.  *smirk*

Immersing myself with a really good drama, which had me crying and laughing and then crying and laughing all over again.

Such are the simple joys of my life! So what makes you smile today?

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