Sunday, December 18

We Survived the 5 Days Langkawi Trip

The morning of our trip, my son, Leonitus woke up to a bad cough. I crossed my fingers hard but still I couldn't prevent him from falling sick. So we left on that Friday evening with him at the start of his cold and no helper, not even the kids' grandmother this time. We were all on our own.

I thought I heard Mr Hubby praying for God's mercy...

The kids were well rested and we woke up to a beautiful morning. Leonitus's nose started dripping but he was still good to enjoy the rest of the day.

We were staying in Sunset Beach Resort which was just a stone thrown from the Underworld Water.

The kids liked the penguins feeding but overall this is a place to be missed with you have been to Singapore's Sentosa Underwater World. There is really nothing much here.

We rented a car in the afternoon and drove to Jetty Point. Again this is another place to miss if you do not spend as many days in Langkawi as we do. It is basically a duty-free shopping mall but seriously there was nothing I wanted to buy here.

The next morning, we drove to Wildlife Park; it is place that would only appeal to young children who like lots of birds and animals. The good thing about the place is that you can buy food to feed the animals.

It's really good to rent a car, so we can explore the area on our own without time pressure. Mr Hubby drove past this stretch of beach which was very much forsaken. He stopped the car and brought Laetitia along to take some pictures.

The kids were dying to go to the beach, so we took them to the one next to our resort.

As it was raining earlier, the water was so damn cold, I didn't dare to swim in it, so I just sat on the beach and dug my feet into the mud-like sand.

Look at him. Who can be angry with those innocent 'Puss in Boots' pair of eyes?

Dinner time. I really hate that because Leonitus had been so fussy with food ever since he reached Langkawi with a bad cold. He hardly ate anything except for fries, sweet corns kernels and the gluten-free cookies that I had brought along. He really drove me crazy at mealtimes.

Mangrove Boat Tour at Kilim Geopark was the best and the worst part of our trip. Best, because we truly enjoyed ourselves very much. It was educational and fun for the whole family. We visited a bat cave, a fish farm, our boat went through a limestone cave, we saw sea eagles feeding within meters from us. Pure awesomeness!

The worst, because Leonitus lost one of his shoes just before we board the boat and that was his one and only pair of shoes we brought to Langkawi. He was to go bare-footed throughout the trip or I would have to break my back and carry him until we can find a place to buy him a pair of new shoes. I chose the latter.

The last day of our trip, we finally made it to the Langkawi Cable Car. It was our 4th attempt because the bad weather conditions had prevented the cable car from operation the last three times we were there. Look how glad we were.

The most tiring part of the Cable Car trip was to carry Leonitus and walked down a long flight of stairs from the cable car station to the suspension bridge and then climbed back up again. Luckily, I had started running if not I think my legs would break!

This trip wouldn't be possible if not for my dearest husband, who is the super dad to our children.

One last picture from the viewing point of the cable car station which was 700 m above sea-level before we head back down to the ground.

We had lunch at a totally empty Japanese restaurant. We only knew why when we were placing our order. They ran out of sashimi, fish roes for the sushi and practically anything that spell Japanese!

But guess who threw the wildest tantrum over lunch? Leonitus, and he wasn't even the one eating!

We had a complimentary night at Sheraton Langkawi. The kids loved the swimming pool while I really love their bed!

We were lucky to be given a late check-out at 4pm but our flight was not until 8.40pm, so we just let the kids treat the hotel lobby as our second home.

Before we board the plane home, Leonitus gave us a grand finale and threw up all over himself; I had to rush to buy him a new top because all the clothes had been checked in together with the luggage. Finally, we touched down at Singapore Changi airport just when Leonitus's mucus had turn into an eerie green color.

There is something about travelling with kids. You love it and hate it at the same time, but almost always, you would want to do it again. That's parenthood! More photos here.

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ah mel said...

*Applauses!* Well done Ah CIn and Mr Hubby!

The losing of 1 shoe just before boarding, tantrum b4 meals, not eating, falling sick b4 the trip, throwing up... ALL SOUNDS SO FAMILAR!!! Everytime something will happen during the time when you are the least prepared.

Good job! and many more trips to come!!! :P


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