Sunday, January 1

My 2012 'Obiang' Count-Down Party

On the last night of 2011, my Mr Hubby organized one of the best count-down party at our place. The theme of the party was 'Obiang' (a Singlish word which describes people who are grossly out of fashion), and all the invited guests (except for one who received special immunity) were expected to come dressed to the theme. We even had best dressed awards and worst dressed penalties for this.

So here we were looking like fools. I couldn't stop laughing at Mr Hubby's outfit. Whatever happened to my handsome husband!! Wahahahaha....

The guests were divided into 3 teams to play and score points in 3 different games prepared for the night. My team was called 'Orbit' and the other two team were 'Fat-tas-tic' and 'Ku Ku Jiao'.

The first game was Uno Stacko. With my steadiness, this game was an absolutely breeze for me and my team.

The second game was Twister, which got everyone twisted up and we had a good time laughing our heads off seeing, each other struggled to be on the mat.

The last game into the night was the most exciting, called 'Fill to the Brim', where we needed to take turns to drop coins into glasses of beverages. There were red wine, beer, JD Coke, JD shot and a big glass of plain water. Any teams that spill the drink while dropping their coin, must then bottom up; never mind that the drink was already disgustingly polluted by the coins deposited inside.

Everybody kind of hold their breathe whenever someone was attempting to cut the coin into the brim-filled glass of beverage.

Intense concentration and steady fingers were the key to this game. Our team lost 2 out of 5 drinks and I had to down the beer which tasted really quite yucky!

The team with the best combined score walked home with a prize - food vouchers worth $120. And team Fat-tas-tic won!

We also sponsored a lucky draw prize of a branded Microwave Oven for Bingo, however I was too lucky and won it back. Eventually, we are still stuck with a brand new Microwave Oven which we wanted to clear from our storage. Anyone wants to buy from us? Guarantee, sell cheap.

Best dressed male and female also each walked away with the $30 food voucher. Look at how seriously 'Obiang' this pair of husband and wife was! They purposely went to Mustafa to buy these outfits; they definitely deserved to win!

It was a great start to my New Year. I hope you enjoyed yours too! Happy 2012!

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