Tuesday, February 28

My Lan Jiao (Rotten Feet)

Not too long back, someone came up to me and told me, "I read your blog and damn, I am so jealous of your perfect family, your perfect life, everything is like a fairy-tale." (I get the vibe that this person doesn't believe everything I am putting up on my blog.)

So I had to do this post to tell people ( like the one above) that NO, my life and me is not only about rainbows, unicorns and cotton candies!

My feet fucking rot and they got so much worst when I was holidaying in Japan because I was wearing thick wool socks and I suffocated my feet for more than 10 hours straight in my boots some days. There were tiny bubbles on my feet which itched, as though millions of ants were crawling on them. To stop the insanity, I poked my feet with needle until they bled.

So now, after drug and creams and every magical potions there was in store, I am waiting for recovery so that I can run again. And I am so fucking fat now coz I have not been running for the past weeks, all thanks to my lan jiao!

You can't choose what life is gonna give you, but you can choose the perspective you want for your own life. So don't have to envy me!

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