Thursday, March 8

Being Positive

I have just turned 36; in retrospect, I saw how different I have become these past few years. Not just physically (Hello! I gave birth TWICE ok!!), but more on an emotional level.

I have more confidence and am finally at peace with my inner self. I care not about judgement anymore, which ends my endless search for happiness, material fulfilment and someone to love me, for I am finally able to love myself and I love the 'me' now, more than ever.

It wasn't easy crawling out of my dark sinister shell. It was a constant battle to keep the negative energy at bay. But I only have one life, I might as well choose the kind of life I want to live.

I choose to be POSITIVE.

I know it's frustrating to hear people telling you to be positive when you are down in the pits. "Ya right, positive?! Tell me how!" It's as if I hear you say it.

This is how I have done it. I want to share simple steps that everyone can follow:

1) Make a choice. Choose the life you want and move forward. Bury the past, don't think, don't talk and don't compare. Just look ahead and beliving it would be better.

2) Gather your gratitudes. Wake up every morning and think of just one thing that you are glad of. It can be very small things. For me, it was stuff like 'the smiles of my children', 'good hair day', 'having a wardrobe full of clothes' or even 'a comfortable bed that I slept on'. Because there are millions of people, if not more, out there who doesn't have all these and still they have to continue to live.

3) Be nice. Start with greeting people around you, saying 'Thank you', gives hugs to that ones you love. I greet the janitor who sweep my corridors every time I see her even though she doesn't speak English. Once I met an old delivery man (I didn't know him) in my office lift, I noticed his finger was cut. I took a band-aid from my purse and gave it to him before I stepped out of the lift. He smiled and I felt so good the entire day.

That's it. Just 3 simple steps to change you. 1 week, 1 month, 1 year... suddenly one day, you will be like me, loving the 'new' you too.

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