Thursday, May 3

Parental Sacrifice

I have some married friends who had chosen not to have children and of the many reasons they gave, "I don't want to make that kind of sacrifice" top the list.

Parental Sacrifice - are we asking for a limb or an eyeball here?

It's true that I (and Mr Hubby) had to make quite a number of some adjustments to our lifestyle, but I don't think these can be considered as BIG sacrifices to make.

As I usually display signs of OCD when I am planning stuff for the kids; like a trip is enough to make me lose some sleep because my anxieties just gets the better of me. Do you call this sacrifice?

I am also a little nuts when they are ill. Together, we had spent a fortune on their medical bills, seeking alternative treatments, TCM etc. Perhaps, I had sacrificed a LV or Chanel bag here.

I absolutely hate the sun but for my children I am willing to be baked and toasted so that they can have a great time playing in the pool.

I love food, I love to eat but I would give up my last piece of chicken wing for my children. That's a big sacrifice for a glutton like me.

And our kids sleep in the same room with us, so maybe our sex lives had been sacrificed in a way.

Would I sacrifice all that I love for my children? I don't think so.

Would I give up my life for any of them? Perhaps I might.

There is a difference between sacrificing almost anything for your children gladly and sacrificing everything for your children out-of-obligation. I oppose the latter.

I believe we have to choose our sacrifices, if we sacrifice everything we are, everything we hope for and want, we would only end up feeling nothing but frustrations and resentment.

However, if you are self-centred and could love nobody but yourself - childless is the way to go.

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