Sunday, April 29

Great Place to Chill

There is something about dinning beside the sea in a alfresco setting, I am such a sucker for it. Then a friend recommend Chits Bar and Restaurant at Changi Coast Walk. One look at the place, I knew I was going to come back even if the food sucks. (Food is good though.)

Planes took off from the nearby airport roaring through the sky. I was mesmerized by the beautiful tail-lights. But by the time, the tenth plane drown my voice I started to hate them for being so deafening! One of my friend told me that we happened to come on the day when the wind direction had changed the take-off route. Normally, this was the route for landing and it would be so much more peaceful.

As the sun set, the sky looked like it was painted orange, purple and blue. And with the sea just next to my table, I wished I'd got my marriage proposal here instead of somewhere else.

To complete the night, I had some fabulous people who make the dinner so much merrier.

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