Monday, June 11

Love it & Loathe it

I always love the idea of going on a trip with my family, but my anal personality (as a mother) almost always spring out to ruin the fun when I am travelling. I would be like in two minds; loving the trip and sweating over small stuff so much that makes me loathe it at the same time.

This time, we started the road trip to Malaysia with both my kids falling sick. One was running a fever and having the most congested nose (she was prescribed 3 different nasal sprays) and the other was coughing and wheezing and needed his Ventolin inhaler packed among many other medicines we had to bring along. 

But my kids were simply amazing, because they enjoyed the trip as though they weren't sick at all. I thought I appeared more sick than them in the pictures because I wasn't wearing any make-ups.

Some six hours or more after leaving our home in Singapore, we arrived at our first stop, Genting, but that was not after running some errands in JB and getting caught up in a horrid traffic after the damn GPS led us through the town in KL. GPS - You can't do without it but sometimes you really feel like murdering it!

I love the ride on Genting Skyway. As the cable car rose slowly up into the clouds, it made me felt as though I was leaving all my worries behind and making my way up to heaven (even though I don't believe in heaven or God).

Love the cool air at the top of Genting and how the place is hidden in the clouds. Loathe the overly commercialized place. Too noisy. Too many people. Too much gambling.

We were staying at Awana Golf and Country Resort. I love the resort, situated at the mid-level of Genting, it's far away from the hustle and bustle, and nearer to nature. There was even a bird nest with baby chicks in my hotel room's balcony. But the weather wasn't as cold compared to the summit of Genting.

My 2.5 yo son. He is like this sweetest devil I ever met! I love him and loathe him at the same time. He can be so difficult to deal with during a trip, especially when he was not feeling too good! When I was about to blow my top, he looked at me with those sad puppy-like eyes and muttered softly, "Mama." before pinching my nose so gently. He is going to growing up breaking many girls' heart, that I can be quite sure.

Love the fact that the Genting Strawberries Farm is free for entry and they weren't pushy to sell their stuff too. There was a lot of freedom for us to roam around the farm without feeling pressurized to buy anything.

Loathe the scarcity of their tiny strawberries. What?? You call these strawberries?? I renamed them 'smallberries'! And they were so few of them, you literally need to hunt to spot a few good ones.

Day 2, we arrived at the very hot and sunny Malacca. This was the wonderful view from our hotel room at Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel. Don't the scenic view blow you away!? For the sake of the view and the convenience of the hotel location, I won't tell you how much I loathe my room's phone which didn't work and how awful the air-con sounded when we checked in or the buffet breakfast that was so overcrowded.

The surrounding of the hotel is fantastic, there is the Melaka River and a musical fountain (operating from 8pm- 12am) right beside the hotel which is free for everyone to enjoy. Many cafes and restaurants are also nearby.

I love how the musical fountain mesmerized the children with its music, sight and splashes. My kids watched three rounds of it and would still go on watching if I hadn't peeled them off the scene.

The weather was blazing hot, but I love how the shade of the river taxi and the gentle breeze took care of the heat, so that I could enjoy the cruise along Melaka River.

Love the famous Famosa Chicken Rice balls! So delicious! But loathe the parking; it was so darn hard to find a decent parking spot in Jonker Street. In the end, we had to spend some money and parked our car in a hotel nearby.

Loathe, loathe, loathe Johor Premium Outlets. Huge disappointment there; very limited brands. In the end, we only bought a dress for Laetitia from Poney at RM $35.90.

Love it when they (my kids) are so loving and get along like the best of friends.

Loathe it when their chumminess are not as long-lasting as I wanted them to be. I really needed a hypnosis to help me let go and enjoy my kids and everything that comes along the way.

The trip ended with me having to see a doctor for throat inflammation the day after our return, and I seriously believe I yelled at my children too much to have caused it.

Recently, I am angry at them a lot, especially during this trip which I really loathe myself for that. Hopefully, before our next family trip (end of the year), I would receive enlightenment from somewhere and help me attain some form of nirvana to help me deal with the chaos of travelling with my two young and challenging children.

More pictures of the trip and less ranting here.

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