Wednesday, June 27

June, Bloody June

Hasn't been blogging for quite a while since I came back from my Malaysian road-trip. Apart from being crazily busy (but happy) at work, June has been a terribly hot month and bad month for my family.

My kids were sick beginning of the month (before the road-trip), then I was down with throat inflammation when we returned from the trip. Days later, both my son and my husband became ill. It was especially painful for my 2.5 YO son,  Leonitus, who was throwing up and burning with fever that went past 39 degree for many days. As a result, he became the tantrum monster in the house.

Now that they are feeling better, my damn sore throat came back, this time with a vengeance! The pain was excruciating and it brought along with it fever and chills too. *moan....

Because of the above, we had spent so much money making the doctors very happy on our medical, and I have not been running for the entire June. And to make the matter worst, I have a 10 KM run coming up next month! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!

I can only look forward to a cooler July, when I can return back to my healthier self and do some running again.

PS: On MC today, so finally had the time to type an entry. *sniff, sniff

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