Thursday, August 30

TED - Not your ordinary teddy bear

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That's my 2.5 years old son, Leonitus, sleeping with his Hard Rock Cafe teddy bear. He does this every night and I find it really cute. Wonder if my son ever wish for his stuffed bear to be alive...

I got a pair of complimentary tickets from omy club for bloggers to watch the movie TED (rated M18) at The Cathy. From the creator of my favourite cartoon, American Dad (I really miss watching it so much) and the Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, produced and directed this show.

Ted is not your usual, cute and fuzzy little bear for a 5 years old, he smokes pot, swears a lot and even have sex!! Yes, you hear me right. He fucks!

The movie is hilarious; with a capital H!! It revolves around the life of John (Mark Wahlberg) who wished for his bear to become real when he was 8 and had his wish granted. Now, 27 years later, would John regret? I shan't be a spoiler here and tell you about the show, you gotta catch it. I swear it really tickles!

Here are the trailers. You will love the thunder song! Watch it and you will know.

I wish... I wish.. I wish.. that my son's bear would NEVER comes alive. It's too frightening for this obnoxious looking rocker bear to be talking and walking, at what, 7 inches tall, don't you think so?! Hahahaha...

Enjoy TED!!

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