Friday, September 28

A Date With Myself

For a big chunk of my past, I lived my life fearing 'being alone'. For that same reason, I found myself surrounded by relationships for absolutely the wrong reason. I didn't truly love myself, I relied extensively on external source for love and approval which always ended with tears and heartaches.

Now that I have grown older wiser, I have come to appreciate time that I dedicate to myself, to do everything within my means to love myself.

It's my off day today and I had a date... I dated an incredibly gorgeous person. I dated myself.

Watched a show that I know I really wanted to watch, but not quite a show that would entertain, my partner, Mr Hubby.

Indulged myself in a good lunch while watching the ice-skaters did some amazing moves. It was really quite relaxing.

Window-shopping with ease; without having to worry about my kids getting into trouble or tearing the mall down.

Read some brainless magazine and chill out in my perfect little space. 

Jumped right into the jacuzzi after a good workout in the gym and put my legs up, baked in the warm light of the setting sun. It's just so blissful.

This is my date with myself. My way of building my independence and finding my personal freedom.

When was the last time you had a date with yourself?

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