Thursday, September 20

Amazing Make-up Skills

I truly believe one of the most important skill a woman MUST possesses is the ability to do make-up for herself. This is the skill that will transform you from an ugly duckling into a gorgeous-looking swan without having to go under the knife.

I certainly know that too well. With make-up, hair and a good photo app, this is how I would look.

But trust me, 90% of the time I look the exact opposite of the above. Haha...

I am always fascinated by Taiwanese show and blogs that feature before and after make-up of young women who did their own transformation with simple foundations, some eye colors, blusher and lipsticks.

But this person below, I must say, I seriously had my socks knock off.

After make-up, wig and a sexy pose, don't this sweet young thing looks damn desirable? I bet guys would have love to see her take off her top!

There, your wish is granted. She He took off his top.

Did you guess it? HE IS A GUY! What a make-up wizard!

You can visit his blog here!

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