Friday, December 21

The Best Revenge

Haven't you heard? There is a Facebook page that was created not too long ago by this lady who lost her fiance to another woman, two months before their wedding day. It's so hyped up at the moment.

The protagonist is called Yuki, her FB page Alvin and Yuki is quickly going viral in the region, with more than 17 thousands people liking it till date (and the numbers continue to multiply) and thousands are gossiping talking about it (That was how I came to know about it.)

Yuki uses this FB page as an outlet to pour out her grievances as well as to dish out the dirt on his ex-fiance and his current squeeze, a young and pretty blogshop model, Zoe Raymond. As a result, many netizen crossed over to Zoe's FB and left her some of the most cruel and deadliest remarks. The way I see it, it's cyber-bullying at its best and I am not so sure if this girl, Zoe, deserves all these. Surely, she is no saint for seducing an almost married man, but remember, it takes two to tango.

Yuki VS Zoe

When it comes to a love triangle, naturally, the finger would be pointed at third party aka the slut (that's how the TV shows it most of the time). However, having been in that position unwittingly before (I didn't know he was married OK), I gotta tell you, sometimes it is the man who manipulates the situation and refuses to let go.

For a start, I do empathize with Yuki, because I know how terrible it must had been for her to have to go through the living hell of being betrayed by the person she loved most. Fact is, she reminded me of myself many years ago when I discovered that my ex-husband was cheating on me. And when he chosen to give up our marriage for the other party, I literally wanted to drop dead. However, I still won't endorse Yuki's FB page, because I believe the best thing she could do for herself right now is to simply let go of all these and just move on, not lingers upon it any further. The faster you de-associate your life with that heartless cad, the sooner your wounds heal.

In retrospect, I wasn't a perfect material to be anybody's wife back then. Sure, I made sacrifices and was caring and forgiving but on the other hand, I was complacent, unreasonable and arrogant, just to name a few. But then again, it's normal for us to see ourselves as perfect, even right up to the very day that we are being ditched!

Trust me, it wasn't easy for me to look back and realized that I played a part in the breakdown of our relationship. I am glad, I did. Without this self-reflection, I would still be that un-evolved bitch.

At the beginning of this month, my ex-husband and I met at a class gathering (we used to be classmates). When he left, one of the girls in our class, spoke to me with a sympathetic expression, "I heard about the two of you. Must have been hard for you to see him just now."

I couldn't help, but smile.

"I'm alright. Actually, I am really grateful for the experience that he gave me. If I would to re-live my life again, I wouldn't have change anything. If it wasn't for him (and her), I wouldn't be who I am today. I have learned a lot through it." I replied.

Indeed, I had. And I also have to thank her (the third party) for taking him away from me. I don't mean it as a cynicism, it's truly gratitude. I can't imagine how my life would be right now, if our paths hadn't crossed; I would still be stuck with an unfaithful man and would never have the chance to experience the loves of my life - my dearest hubby of present and our children.

In my opinion, the best form of revenge, is not creating a page in Facebook or start a blog for it. The best form of revenge is to LIVE A LIFE, WAY BETTER THAN BEFORE and walked away, laughing the last laugh.

I hope one day (maybe 5 or 10 years later), Yuki would look back at all these and realised that she have Zoe to thank for saving her from a lousy man, whom she probably didn't even love as much as she thought she did today.

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