Tuesday, December 18

This thing called LOVE

Some days back I posted this picture of my hubby holding my hand while we were travelling in our car on Instagram. It topped my personal chart for most 'likes' I ever gotten on my Instagram.

But I do want to clarify that we are not really that lovey-dovey all the time. I guess being Asian, (we can use the excuse well that) we are conservative and do not show our affections publicly as often as we really should.

With divorce rate on the rise, infidelity spreading like some wild fire; more and more people are derailing because their relationships/ marriages had became so stale and whatever feelings that put them together fade with changing lives and passing of time. Some just want to seek excitement of the chase, while others desire the thrill of the pursuit. 

So, is it worth it, Michael Palmer? I wanna know, but I supposed, he will never tell.

I had to confess I did feel like that too, but it was in the past. I wasn't exactly the most faithful partner in my last two relationships. I could always argued that I cheat, because they cheated on me first. But that's just a sick, twisted perspective, which is all so wrong.

Then as I grew older wiser, I begin to realise that love is...

Not the passionate kisses.
Not the hot and sweaty making outs. (I know my hubby would disagree to this.)
Not those sweet words you whisper. (Though I really like to hear them sometimes.)
Not the feeling of 'butterflies in your tummy'.
Not the electrifying current when kisses landed on your neck. (Hmm.. but that sure feels good. Haha..)
Not the romantic candle-light dinners or luxurious gifts. (But a Chanel 2.55 is always welcome.)
Not the sensational slow dance.
Not the roses or lilies or whatever flowers you could receive.
Not the desire to touch or hold each other.
Not saying "I have loved you for 1000 years, I'll love you for a 1000 more." (But I'm still a Twilight fan.)
Not spending all the time in the world together. (C'mon, get a life!)
Not how you look into each other's eyes or see eye to eye in everything. (It'll make you 'pah-jiao'.)
Not the money that is splurged on you. (If you give me cash, I'll just take it.)
Not the length of time that you are together.
No, not even responsibility or commitment. (But you gonna need these two.)

So what exactly is love??

For me. It is coming to term, to embrace the fact that HE is a part of ME….
Not part of my life.. but PART OF ME!

So, what is this thing called love, for you?

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