Thursday, December 6

The hardest job in the world

My first-born has just celebrated her 5th birthday today. Wooooohhh, I survive being a mom for FIVE YEARS already? It's almost unbelievable, how I could last this long and still look forward to an even long 'career' in this world's toughest job - being a Mom.

Before my double Ls came along, I had always imagined myself to be a fashionista mom, looking immaculate and stunning; even if it was a trip to the supermarket, I would doll myself up and put my kids in their best clothes. We would be smiley and happy all day, all night; envious moms would wish silently that they look like me and curse that I would fall to my death wearing those killer heels as I sashay passed them.

Reality is..  I am a manic mother to two very challenging, over-active kids who bounces off furniture and wiggle like some squeamish worms. I am hardly with makeup over the weekends, my hair is in a constant mess, my permanent outfit is a pair of denim shorts and T. My daughter would want to wear that same dress for a thousand and one times, my son would insist on wearing the most mismatched top or risk listening to his high-pitch, high-octane whining.

I had envision myself to be the most loving mother, patient, gentle and kind. But now, I am just a screaming machines to my kids who pretended to be deaf around me. As a result, I would get a sore throat or lose my voice once every other month.

Nevertheless, being mommy to my double Ls has been the best thing that had ever happened to me. Happy birthday, my angel, I love you forever.

PS: This P&G commercial never fail to bring tears to my eyes no matter how many times I view it.


Anonymous said...

Please DO NOT sign up with them! Learn to take the advice of victims, seriously! They are a bunch of scammers! You will end up thousands poorer, points richer, stranded outside the clinic FOREVER WAITING AND WAITING (I have waited 3 hours!) and unhappy and rude staff (a far cry from what it used to be) only to get 2 mins of laser. Unless you are not in your right mind, DO NOT SIGN UP ANYMORE. These are a bunch of smooth operators, they know the law and you cannot get to them! I'm still stuck, as with many hundreds of others who are complaining at the clinic everyday!

Fateha Esmael said...

I dun see anyone is rude at different outlet?

I went to yishun.... bedok .... all re good


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