Monday, January 28

The good things about having boy

To top things off the chart, boys can always get away looking dirty and messy because that's how little boys are supposed to be.

When my boy needs to pee, I don't have to hunt down a toilet just for him. He can have it done quickly behind a bush, on the side of the road or just about anywhere.

I don't have to spend so much money bringing up a boy. Beside tops, bottoms and shoes, what else can I buy? He won't be asking me for a new pink dress every now and then.

I don't have to deal with overly sensitive emotions with boy. He is not going to break down and sob when I comment that his choice of shoes doesn't match his outfit.

If I had screamed at him because I was in a terrible mood, I don't feel so bad because I know he is going to take it nonchalantly, like he always does.

I can afford to be a little more rough with him without worrying that I will hurt him. He is already an expert dealing with getting himself hurt with all that leaping off furniture and crashing into walls. And bruises and scars are just like necklaces and earrings for girls - they are accessories for the boys!

I don't know about other little boys, but mine forgives and forgets. He would be brawling when I dish out punishment. But 30 minutes later, he would be kissing me and telling me he loves me.

No worries, if he is fat, because he will be going to army to get fit. No worries, if he is thin, because he will be going to army to get fit.

Last but not least, I will never have to fear the day he comes home impregnated by some asshole.

My boy turns 3 a week ago! I must say, it had been the most awesome 3 years of my life!

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