Wednesday, March 13

My Confession of Murder

It was the year 1981... or 1982. I don't quite remember when that happened, but I do remember all the grimacing details.

It was hot and humid afternoon, when I chanced upon this family, a mother and several of her young. I circled them and watched them like a hawk. They picked up their pace as they sensed the danger lurking in the air. I rained stones and pebbles on them just to get a thrill watching them panic.

In a frantic, the group scattered and the mother took off in an opposite direction from her young. Amidst the chaos, one was left behind. Fear had rooted this one to the ground. I picked up a large piece of stone and dropped it on this one. Fresh, crimson blood coloured the ground. I saw the last breathe of life leaving the fragile body as I stuffed the carcass in a plastic bag and discarded it off a steep slope where I knew the body will never be found.

That was my first kill.


And before you picked up that phone and dial 999, you might like to know that the 'murdered victim' was a chick. Not a slang for sexy woman, but literally a chick, a young chicken!

I lived on a chicken farm with my grandparents when I was a child. My playfulness and lack of sense in judgement caused the death of one of my grandmother's chick. I felt remorseful for a long time, but I guess I should have been forgiven by now.

If you find stories or movies about murder thrilling, you got to watch the latest Korean movie, Confession of Murder. The show is about a serial killer, Lee Du-seok, who murdered 10 women and was never caught. 17 years later, and 2 years after the expiry of its statue of limitation where he has been legally pardoned, Lee Du-seok resurfaced. He is now an author with a chart-topping book, revealing the gruesome details of his crimes.

Is this suave charmer the real killer or if he just a clever imposter cashing in on the fact that nobody has seen the face of the infamous serial killer?

I was invited to a preview of the movie. To be honest, I am not a big fan of anything Korean, maybe except for the kimichi ramen. I took it as an opportunity for me to 'pak tor' with Mr Hubby, to spend some couple-time together, so if the movie is good, then it's a bonus.

I don't usually watch Korean drama on TV and know nothing about Korean actors and actresses (except they have a lot of plastic surgeries). And I am not attracted to Korean men because I have strong preference for men with big eyes and nice double eyelids, like Mr Hubby!

So you can imagine my surprise when I found myself so intrigued and drawn into this show and its characters. Many times, I was holding my breathe, wishing and cursing when Lt. Choi should be using his bloody gun, instead of bashing suspect up with his bare hands. On the other hand, Lee Du-seok, the charming and mysterious serial killer can melt any women with his charismatic smile and the melodramatic pair of eyes (too bad, he has single eyelids) makes me love him more than hate him.

Watch the trailer.

At the end of the show, I was amazed by how much I had enjoyed it. I might even like men with single eyelids in my next life. Hahahaha...

Thank you GV and omy for the tickets.

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