Tuesday, March 26

A Trip to Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is the HOTTEST theme park I ever visited! And I literally mean HOT, as in the temperature. I have been to Universal Studio in Osaka and Singapore, Disneyland in Hong Kong, Disney Sea in Tokyo, but Legoland in Malaysia is super hot, not only because the scorching sun is extremely unforgiving during this period of the year (late Mar to Sep). Plus this park seriously needs some big shady trees and/or covered walk-ways. Do arm yourself with your biggest brollies, highest UV-blocks, darkest sun-shades, floppiest hats and hydrate with lots and lots of water! Don't say I didn't warn you!

I know I look super aunty here. But who the fuck cares when I am melting under the freaking heat!!

You will find the rides fun and entertaining, only if you are 12 or younger. My two kids (3
+ and 5+) enjoyed themselves thoroughly. My daughter had her virgin roller coaster ride on the Dragon's Apprentice with her Daddy and she couldn't stop talking about how much she loves Legoland Malaysia the entire trip. There is very strict height restriction policy for most of the attractions, so my shorty 3YO who stands at a mere 95cm had only a few choices of rides opened to him. But we made the best out of the rides he could play on by letting him go for a couple more rounds when the queue was not too long. And so he turned out to be very pleased too.

If you are an adult, like myself,  I didn't feel the park caters to the thrill-seeking spirit in me. I wasn't particular interested in any of the rides, they were all too kiddish and unappealing to me. I need those which can pump my adrenaline sky high and make my hair stands at the end type of attractions, Legoland Malaysia has none of those.

Some attractions are for the entire family to enjoy, which is really useful for family bonding, like 'fighting fire' together at the Rescue Academy, 'laser blasting' as a family at Lost Kingdom and 'visiting various parts of the world' in MINILANDS. I was a tad disappointed that the Observation Tower was closed for maintenance, because that would have been a great way for our family to enjoy the aerial view of the entire park.

Did I mention we also love the 4D movies at Lego Studio (although the Shrek 4D at USS was better, in our opinion)? We enjoyed them so much, we watched all three of the movies shown at different timings, and it was also a relief to get away from the heat for a little while staying indoors with air-conditioning.

I was praying for the sun to take a break and then it drizzled, so we took shelter in Lego Academy, where there were tables littered with limitless amount of Lego bricks for anyone who possesses a little bit of imaginations to put their hands to good use. I tried to put together a windmill but Mr Hubby ridiculed my lack in aesthetic details. He took over my windmill and modified it. Hey, I must admit, he actually has quite a talent in Lego building!

The highlights for my kids were 'getting their Lego driving licences' in Driving School and Junior Driving School (for under 5). For someone who got my licence in a single sitting, and with flying colours, my son utterly spoilt my record by crashing and stalling his 'car' throughout the course! I heard my daughter didn't do that great too; she banged her car into someone! Why didn't they inherit my good driving genes?

They are building a theme park hotel beside the entrance of the park. It would be interesting to see how the hotel would be like after completion. If the rates are reasonable, we might return to Legoland Malaysia and even stay a night or two at its hotel the next round. But in the meantime, they seriously need to transplant some of those shade-providing trees to the park, or build those cleverly engineered shelters that camouflaged with the surrounding and appeared totally inconspicuous like those in USS.

Previously, there were rumours that Six Flags might be coming to Johor, Malaysia, but now it seemed to be untrue. I do hope it will eventually materialised, because that will so be MY type of theme park with rides that will put my heart into my mouth!

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