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Montigo Resorts - A Second Chance

On Boxing Day, Dec 2012, I returned home from Montigo Resorts, Batam, infuriated by a series of horrendous experiences I received while I was holidaying at the resorts. I sat down and wrote one of the worst review I had ever written on my blog and also on tripadvisor.

Soon after my review was published, I received emails and phone calls from the management of Montigo Resorts. Apologies were made and they had extended an invitation to have me and my family back for a 2D/1N complimentary stay. Seeing that Montigo Resorts was sincere to make amends and had valued me as a guest, I told them I will be back, however I wasn’t ready to return so soon.  As I felt it would only be fair if I gave myself time to calibrate, so that when I revisit Montigo Resorts, I would be able to enjoy my stay without prejudice.

Close to half a year went by, and I was able to put the past behind and give Montigo Resorts a second chance to impress me and my family. This time, I chose to return on weekdays, believing that with lower occupancy, there would be no excuses for their service to be compromised.

And I must say, they went out of their ways to accommodate my requests. I had travelled in from Batam Centre Ferry Terminal instead of Nongsa, where the resorts’ land transfer is provided. Montigo Resorts made special arrangement for my family to have land transfer for Batam Centre at no extra cost.

When we arrived, I was rather taken back to see the GM of Montigo Resorts, Mr. Aloysius Michael, himself, making a point to welcome us. Gosh! It made me felt like a rock star!

They had arranged for us to be put up at one of their finest villa, The Spa Villa, where the villa has an extension to a little cabana with fantastic view of the sea-front and the resorts’ spa. The cabana was one of the best places in the villa to chill, unwind and to catch some amazing sunset! My husband and I spent some quiet time, lounging on the bean bags and listening to the sounds of the night when our children had turned in.

I was very impressed by the little details they put in to delight us – we were given complimentary wine, fruit baskets, cakes and cookies, and even two stuffed toys for my young children. There was also a hand-written welcome card by the GM.

Our villa pool was awesome! It was definitely the favourite place for my kids. They had recently started lessons on swimming, but they still can't swim without some help. My son, the dare-devil of the two, fell in love with jumping into the water. He was tireless, doing his little stunts.

The services that we experienced during our stay this time was phenomenal. Everything was prompt and on time. I called up and asked for a kitchen knife to cut a pineapple I’d brought, I was told they were unable to provide me with a knife, due to some policy. However, they quickly offered to send someone to pick up my pineapple to have it cut up at their kitchen instead. Wow! That was an excellent initiative!

Everywhere that we went, when we mentioned our villa unit (we stayed at #100), we were treated with extra care and the staff seemed to know the profile of us very well. While we were at the ‘unofficially opened’ Kid’s Club, a staff (we never met him before) came along to play with my son and he asked about my daughter (she was playing at the main pool with my helper and husband). Hmm… he must had already ‘done his homework well’. And the same staff drove us back to our villa, knowing exactly which villa we were staying. I suspect, there might even be a picture of me pinned up on their staff notice board, marked “notoriously difficult guest, handle with care!”

The most euphoric part of this trip was our DIY roof-top BBQ that we had. We brought along some chicken wings that I had marinated back home, beef steaks and lamb kebahs and bought more food at the local supermarket. My super husband bought some moscato at the duty-free to complete our star-lit dinner. After dinner, we lighted up some fabulous Kong-Ming lanterns and sent our wishes up into the sky.

If my last trip at Montigo Resorts was hell, this trip must be heaven! Everything was near to perfection! Yes. It did feel staged, but at least, they had proven to me that they are capable of providing top-notched services if they want to.

If you enjoy more pictures and less words, check out my other blog.

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