Tuesday, June 4

My First Sundown Marathon

I was never a runner in my school days; as much as possible, I would try to avoid running during PE lessons. I mean, who wouldn't?! Little did I know, I will pick up running only at the age of 35, and ran my first half-marathon when I am 37! Talk about late-bloomer.

It has only been barely two years, I have seen myself from almost getting killed by a 800 m run to completing two 10 km race last year with good timing for beginners (under 1 hr 20 mins), so this year to set the mark high, I went for 21 km at the recent Sundown Marathon.

Running along side of me was my dearest hubby, who kept me company for the first 5 km. During the initial 10 km, I was doing great. My energy level was high and my body was in good condition. The real challenge only kicked in after the 15 km. I had never ran anything past 14 km in my training. I knew it was a bit insane to jump directly for a half-marathon, when I didn't even know what my limit really has been.

True enough, after the 16 km, my left sole was hurting so much, I had to shift most of my effort to my right. Then not long after, my right leg threatened to give away with occasional, but mild, cramps. I had slowed from a brisk walk to nearly a limp. My mobile phone had long ran out of batt. I had no music, no apps to keep me going. It was truly tough to get moving.

I kept pushing myself, even though I was beyond exhaustion. Along the route, I saw many runners dropping off like flies; some were sitting down and others had wondered off course. I would never give myself up like them, I told myself as I dragged on.

At the 18 km mark, I was experiencing so much pain from my back to my pelvis to the soles of my feet, doubts started to set in. 

Why the hell did I sign up for this?! OK. Just this once and never again. It was an agonising 3 km to the finishing.

After 3hr, 29mins and 32 seconds, I finally crossed the finish line. The feeling was simply awesome. I only had one thing on my mind - I AM FAMISHED! I WANT MEEPOK NOW!

Would I do this again? 

If you ask me on the day of the race, my answer would have been a very firm NO!

Ask me now, 4 days after the race - "Hmm... maybe... maybe not..."

Ask me again 6 months later - Perhaps I might just go crazy again and say "YES!"

I am not trim, I am not athletic, but hell, I just did a 21 km!

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