Wednesday, July 23

First Wedding Anniversary

Incidentally, the first wedding anniversary is known as the "Paper Anniversary". I guess it must be because marriage at this stage is as fragile as a piece of paper. And supposedly the couple must buy each other paper as gift for exchange on their first anniversary.

And if you want the more glam stuff like pearl, gold or diamond, you must wait for your 30th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversary.

We had our first wedding anniversary on the 7th of this month; there wasn't a celebration, because I was out-stationed for meetings. Poor Mr Hubby! But nvm I got him a pair of cuff links as present before I left for K.L.

Weeks past, Mr Hubby wanted to bring me out shopping to choose my anniversary present but I don't why I just didn't want to.

Last night, Mr Hubby came home early. I was surprised because it was a *forex night, and he would usually be home around midnight or later. We had the usual "Hi dear! How was your day?... etc..." Then I left Mr Hubby to carry on with his routine in his study and I went to pee before turning in.

There at the toilet... I was like "OMG!!! Why is there a LV in the toilet!" I opened the card to ensure that it was really meant for me.

And of course it was! I jumped with joy! My new LV wallet!!! I ran to the study and kissed Mr Hubby like an excited puppy, ran back into the room, poured out all the stuff from my old GUCCI wallet and changed them over to my new LV immediately.

Minutes later, Mr Hubby came to join me in bed. He was reading his book and I was laying next to him, looking at him affectionately, and grinning from ear to ear at the same time. He turned, saw my silly expression and he chuckled,"Women are just so easy to please."

In my opinion, men are so eager to make their women happy. And when they see their women happy, they actually feel happy too! So women, if your men ask to be happy, ask them to buy you a LV first!

Meanwhile, I am loving my LV!

*Forex night - Mr Hubby has a forex trading consultancy and training company which he operates on most weekdays' evening. (Will blog about it in the future.)

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