Saturday, July 26

Wedding Banquet & Photography

When Mr Hubby and I registered our marriage last year, I was 4 mths pregnant, hence we made a decision not to go thru with the traditional customary wedding or banquet and didn't even have our wedding pictures taken professionally at a studio. Anyway, those beautiful wedding gowns weren't able to accommodate my expanded belly too.

Some months back, a colleague of mine went to Taiwan to have her wedding photo taken and the pictures were simply fabulous. I told Mr Hubby about it and he didn't sound very interested, so I dropped the idea of ever having our own wedding album. But each time I look at the pictures of women in bridal gowns, I am so filled with envy.

Today, as I was surfing the blog of Kelvin Koh , a famous bridal photographer, Mr Hubby took a peek and he asked,"Do you want to take our bridal photo?" "Yes, I want!" I squeaked with delights. "Then do you want throw a banquet?" "No!" Those delights were erased from my face.

"Must banquet and photography comes as a deal meh? Can I choose to have photo only and not dinner?" I said to myself, in my thoughts.

Mr Hubby went on to explain,"I was thinking about a simple banquet. For your mom."

I was extremely touched. Mr Hubby knew that my mom is sick and he wanted to make her happy by assuring her that her daughter is blissfully married to a man who loves her, even if it means to go with the hassle of throwing a wedding banquet when he is already super busy.

I wanted to hug him and thank him. I wanted to tell him that my mom will be happy as long as I am. And I am truly HAPPY, with or without a wedding banquet or photography as long as I have him. But I didn't manage to do and say any of that coz Laetitia woke up and was crying; sending us scurried hurriedly over to carry her out from her cot.

Oh.. and one more thing. Mr Hubby openly hinted to me to loose weight if I want to have our wedding photo taken.

Wah Kaoz. I already return to my pre-natal weight liao, what's more he want. I look up, look down...

I think I very sui liao leh! LOL!!


melissa said...

yah lor.. so sui liao how to be more sui?!! can he be more contented or not huh?! btw i wanna see u in wedding gown too!

But its very nice and thoughtful of him lor, i am very touched too... I wanna attend ur wedding banquet leh (very not paisay :P)... but i doubt I am back in time for it :(

Anonymous said...

I don't think I want a banquet, too troublesome and furthermore my mom is not going to be comfortable with it becoz her hair has fallen off quite a lot after chemo.

Guess I will be super contented just by having a chance to put on the wedding gown and has some picture taken. :)


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