Saturday, August 16

Beauty is Everything?!?!

Recently someone I know had fulfilled her dream of having a smaller & taller nose, after going under the knife. She flew to a neighboring Asian country, renowned for its superior skill of making "plastic beauties" at reasonable prices (approx. 60-70% cheaper than Singapore).

No, not Bangkok lah! That's for the ladyboys ok!!

People who knew about her surgery, waited in anticipation for her return - me included. Because we all wanted to check out the "skill" of her doctor; if her op is a success, I reckon that particular clinic's business will definitely "HUAT AR!!". As I foresee there will be a tsunami of people flying in to have their own little enhancements or perhaps some might even be considering a major "overhaul", because the pricing there are so much cheaper! $15'000 in Singapore, you could only be looking at a nose job, for the same amount of money, you could literally get a face off over there! You can choose to have the look of Dawn Yang, Jolin Tsai or even Maggie Q!

I told Mr Hubby about this too. "Dear, do you think I should also go and cut my eyes bigger? Or do something to my nose or do whatever lah?"

He looked at me and said,"Your face? Don't need lah!...." For a moment, I thought to myself, Wow! See, I say I am pretty de lor!!

Then Mr Hubby continued,"Save the job for your body instead lah!"

NB lor!! +_+ I decided to pretend I don't understand,"You mean like a breast reduction ar? Ya lor, I was hoping to shrink my 34D!!"

"Ya, reduction, but not breasts but everywhere else." Mr Hubby replied.

FUCK! Win liao lor!

Don't care whatever he says, I still believe I am PREFECT...

I mean, pretty lor!! See, never Photoshop one OK!

But I really don't mind getting some help from the plastic surgeon if I could have smaller waist and thinner arms. Hehehe... Perhaps Mr Hubby, you would like to sponsor me?!


Oh... and we are still on beauty. The following is super maddening lor. Just because the little girl (on the right) is not as sweet-looking, the Chinese official had to hide her face but used her voice on the other cuter girl by asking that cutie to lip-sync. Damn, the Chinese sure can fake every and any fuck things under the sun lor!

Do you know what kind of psychological impact you, stupid Zhang Yimou, had caused to this innocent little girl!! I bet you, $10'000 (RMB lah) that she will get her face "fix" as soon as she turn 18, because you people made her feel inadequate about how she looks.

Years later she will be blaming her chubby cheeks, her crooked teeth and small eyes for causing her, the chance to appear in front of the national TV, to the billions of people watching that fake moment of glory, that should had been truly hers instead!

"Fuck whoever that made the decision to have her replaced! You are an insensitive piece of SHIT!!"

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