Thursday, August 21

Still on the topic of Plastic Surgery

With the return of that someone who recently had her nose "altered", the flood-gate for invasive as well as non-invasive procedures had been burst! Some had openly flaunted their new-found perfection. Some are looking forward to their "enhancement" vacations. Some had mysteriously evolved after a long break.

Having spent the last 14 years in the beauty industry, I had seen countless of transformations with the people around me. Double eyelids surgeries make it to the top of the list. Nose jobs, boobs jobs, chin implants, botox, fillers, tattooed brows, eyes, lip... and some I had no names to it. And I can't fucking believe I am still a "virgin" when it comes to beauty enhancements. I don't even have a pair of tattooed brows!

So I had a talk to Mr Hubby after finding out from someone that there is a very cheap & famous plastic surgeon in Haytai that would do lipo for under $500 SGD!!

Me: If I want to go Thailand for lipo, would you be supportive?

Mr Hubby: .ya.. (nod)

I was astound by his reply, it came so quick, like as if he didn't even stop to consider.

Me: Huh!? I thought most men would prefer women who are real.

Mr Hubby: Ya. As long as you are a REAL (gender) woman, can already lor.

Me: Surely you would be a little repulsed by women who had plastic surgeries, wouldn't you?

Mr Hubby: No.

I was doubtful, so I decided to test him.

Me: OK. Then let me be honest with you. MY BOOBS ARE FAKE!

Me:.. So are you disappointed now?

Mr Hubby: Ya, I am.

Me: You see! You see!

Mr Hubby: I would be disappointed if yours are fake, because if you had done something to your boobs then why are they still like that! Why not do BIGGER?

Me: ........... (eyes popped & speechless!)

Me: You are shallow lor!

Mr Hubby: Better than hollow lor. LOL!!!!!!

Me: ........... (even more speechless!)

For those who insisted that I had some "plastics" in me, I don't blame you; who could have believed that my metamorphosis is a work of nature if you had seen pictures of me like those below.

If one day, I can fulfill my dream to get lipo, I would go and tell the whole world!!

Woo.. Hoo..!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dont do lipo. I did and i put it on all back in 6 months!


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