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Wednesday, August 27

Letters from Beneath

After writing the previous entry, I was thinking, "What if I have to go without having enough time to say goodbye? Can I prevent such dreadful regret?"

I thought of something quite bizarre, but absolutely BRILLIANT! I am going to pre-write letters to Laetitia & Mr Hubby.

My Letters to Laetitia

1) To be read on your first birthday:

My sweetheart, you have come a long way. You were just a tiny little bundle when I brought home from the hospital, but look at you now, you are almost ready to take on the world! I wish you happiness & health and Mommy really misses you!

2) To be read on your first day to nursery:

How was school, my little piglet? Did you have lots of fun? You know, you are big girl now and big girls don't cry when they go to school. There are so many little friends for you to get to know. Remember, you will always be Mommy's brave little piglet.

3) To be read on 24th Dec 2013:

I remembered your first Christmas's eve when you were just 18 days old, you barely open your eyes when we brought you close to watch the flickering lights of the Christmas tree back in our old home. Now you have grown so much and in another few more days you will be going to a primary school. Your life is get more exciting! I will be watching over you. Missing you.

4) To be read on the day of your first mense:

Welcome to womanhood! Being a woman is not an easy task, but I gotta to say it was fun for me, coz being guys can be boring! Just look at the selection of clothes they have! Don't worry about the cramps, they usually go away on the second day. Don't let mense gets you down. Cheer up, gal!

5) To be read on your 16th birthday:

Happy Sweet 16! What a pretty little lady, you are now! I bet there must be heaps of guys waiting to date you out. Go easy with the dating. Men don't settle down until they past their 30s, so just chill and enjoy the attention and free car rides and presents! LOL!! But do be cautious at all times, some men can an asshole sometimes!

6) To be read when you are falling in love for the first time:

Is he like your grandpa? Your grandpa is the most prefect man, he loves the family, tolerate his wife and loves you very dearly. If your bf-to-be is like that, congrats! If he isn't, I say, take it slow. Love usually can't be too serious for the first few times. But enjoy the fuzzy feeling of being in love. And PS: PRACTICE SAFE SEX!! It will save lives!!

7) To be read when you experienced your first heart-break:

You must be awfully hurt! When I first experienced my heartache, I cried so badly I thought I was going to die. But after a few times, I realised that things ALWAYS gets better, as long as you look ahead. So raise your head up high and march off to better life! NOBODY IS WORTH GIVING YOU AN HEARTACHE!

8) To be read on the night before your wedding:

When I married your Daddy, I knew I had to make this man love me until the end of time. I will make our marriage work. How? I became the most understanding wife in the world, that no one is close enough to win me. Marriage is not about how much the man love you, it's about how much YOU CAN MAKE THIS MAN LOVE YOU! If you don't understand, ask your Daddy. hehehe...

9) To be read on the day you discover that you will be having a baby!

I wish that I am here with you, so that I can share with you my experience and give you advise. But then again, when I was pregnant, I didn't really consult your grandma too much. Well, pregnancy is an amazing journey. Be happy and enjoy this treasured moment!

10) To be read on the day you finally become a mom:

This will be my last letter to you, my Laetitia. You are a mom right now, and I am so proud of you. When I had you, you changed my life. Now your little one is going to change yours too. There will be lots of challenges ahead, but all will be worth it at the end of the day. Laetitia, Mommy loves you so much! Live well.

Letter for Mr Hubby?... when I am free lah!


Chantel said...

did u cry when u were writing the letter? I'm kind of touch by ur letter...

Laetitia said...

My mommy can be very boh liao at times.


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