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Wednesday, January 28

Beneath the facade, I am the wings of the dragonfly.

I asked myself repeatedly if I have been doing a good job in masking my emotions because nobody will be expecting me to feel blue, especially in this season of festivities.

There shouldn’t be any reason that is seemingly valid for me to be depressive. I have a picture perfect family, with a loving husband and a wonderful baby girl. I am the pillar of strength for my mother; it is through me that she sees the optimism of her cancer. I have a great career ahead of me, doing what I like.

I have nothing to worry about; I am always positive, I am strong, I am protective, I am always here to be counted on.

I am patient. I am understanding. I am forgiving. I am impartial.

But for now, I am just crumbling.

I am tired.

I feel sick.

I need to be understood, to be forgiven, to be protected, to be supported, to be told that I don’t have to take on the world to be loved.


mel said...

ah cin, is everything ok?

Laetitia said...

At least, I think I am.

From LM


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