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Thursday, March 5

The Desperado of FB

I received a message via FB from a guy whom recently tried to " friend request" me but was ignored. The following was the content of the message:

wat a lovely pic sia ~~~ ... haha .. anyway i m leon a designer .. abt me ar .... mm... well , 14th Aug is when i 1st landed on earth ~ cool ar ~ i m Leon .. .& a Leo too .. mm.. i spend 18 years to finally knw wat is bf gf .. yup.. it my 1st love " patoring " .. amazing rite ? well.. but it ended in 2mths time ..damn it ! neva even get to kiss her lol... so i move on... met a ger n we dated 4yrs.. long rite ? haha.. still .. we broke up ~~~ arrg.... then .. gugu GOV send me letter go pulau tekong "chiong sua " ... end up i "chiong" for 2yrs underpaid at age 23 , 1st time CLUBBING !!! DOUBLE O ~~~ wa kow ae... sua ku sia... go in dark dark.. music loud loud ... haha.. wat a gu gu i was tat club til "ka nen " = leg weak lol hahaha... then i start workin.. for interior firms.. switched 4 firms cos they went bankrupt .. duno its i swayed of they sway haha... finally end up at a better firm.. 4th storey sia.. got pool table somemore lo.. now 2008 , i haf emerge from a gu gu nerdy into a new MUTATED fun loving devil in town lol.. wa kow.. sound like ninja turtle lo... kawabanga !!! so tis is moi ! #^_^# 96284726 sms me ok... wat ur no / ms n wor ? i sms u

A click on his profile shows a proud "collection" of 564 friends! And what's not surprising was that a large fraction of those 564, are, as I have guessed it, GIRLS!

Can someone tell him to wake up his fucking idea!! If he is so desperate to collect more lady friends, then he can try dropping by Lucky Plaza on Sunday. I am sure those friendly Filipino maids are receptive to have people like him as friends than me.

But I was polite enough to reply his message, with one word: "XIAO"!


♡ piku piku ♡ said...

my gawd, this guy is uber thick skin! wakakaka...

mel said...

i love ur reply! "XIAO!: hahaha.. I can imagine u saying that!

Laetitia said...

I think he loves my reply too. He sent me msg again and tried to "friend request" me again in FB. This time I totally ignore him.



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