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Sunday, April 5

Motivation & Friendship

Last week, I received a telephone call from someone whom had not been keeping contact with for the last 5 to 6 years, and we were previously not that close too, as far as I can remember. She was someone who used to work together with me, in our ex-company.

I was surprised by her call initially and minutes after the usual "how are you?" and "what you are doing?" blah... blah... blah... She suddenly blurted out her motive. This is roughly how our conversation went after that.


So & so: "I have been attending a motivational course and I feel that you also need to attend."

Me: "Huh?! Do I?"

So & so: "Yes, the course is very good. It will help you to be happy."

Me: "But, I am HAPPY!"

So & so: "Because now is recession time, so people tends to get worried being retrenched and all that, so come very depressed."

Me: "I am not worried at all. And I am not depressed too. I don't really care about recession, anyway."

So & so: "Oh, good lah. (sounded cynical) But if you are feeling troubled or anything, remember you have a friend like me and don't forget to call me and I will tell you more about the course."

Me: "Thanks, but I think I will leave that."

I felt a sea of disgust swept over me after I hung up. If you really regard yourself as someone's friend, you would not have call just to "hard sell" some stupid motivation courses!
Here is what a really friend did. She sent a video to all the friends she thought, who might be encouraged by it.

Thanks Ah Mel! I love this video, it made me cried like fuck. You are truly one GREAT pal!


melissa said...

Very paisay... u type my name so big... btw I didn't sent it to make u cry :P

Cin said...

I cried like nobody's business lor. But I am glad u sent me the video so that I can share it with people who needs encouragement. :)

melissa said...

heehee.. me too.. when i see it the 2nd time, i cry too.. i know u'll appreciate such stuff :)


Wah sai! The video sibei touching xia!


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