Friday, May 22

I am climbing out

I know this is life; filled with ups and downs. But at times I would allow myself to be sucked into a negative spiral and sink deep into a ugly mess of self-induced misery.

While I was submerged in the waist-deep shit of own sorrow, I attended 3.5 day of training on 7 Habits of the Highly Effective People. It was a refreshing change for me, for once, I became the trainee, not the trainer.

Having already read the book, I went to the training, not expecting to know anything new, but what awaits me was a big surprise.

At the end of the training, I realized I seriously suck BIG TIME at being emphatic, I have poor listening skill and I almost ALWAYS forming perceptions and judgement despite trying very hard to stay unbiased. The whole paradigm shift thing whacked me with a bang.

It dawns upon me that I am so WRONG to think that I was right all along.

I wanted to go apologize, to undone the mistakes I had made onto him, her, to myself and maybe even you, who is reading this now....

But give me time, I need to gather myself together once more. Well, at least, you got to allow me to climb out of this abyss before I can get there.

Alright.. alright.. I am getting my butt moving already!


Anonymous said...

waww ~ i;ve been reading your blog since last year and i see the some changes that was awesome Miss cindy i like the fact that u are climbing ,hope u reach the peak of victory ;) even though i dont know you but somehow i enjoy reading your life ..someday if i go to singapore hope we can meet and do some chit chat of lifes

CcIiNnDdYy said...

Thank you for your kind words. :)

somebody said...

I am sure you can climb out in no time. "jia-you"!


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