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Wednesday, August 12

Their Big Day

I was so thrilled to see my dearest bro walked down the aisle with his beloved wife, last Friday. I had always been proud of my kid bro and he has always been like a pal to me. Even now, when our lives are so busy, the tie that bind us together is still strong as steel.

Days before their wedding, my mom was vexing over choosing of auspicious date, venue of the dinner, tea ceremony and all those nitty gritty. I told her, "Come on, it takes so much more than a perfect wedding or an auspicious date to keep a marriage together. What matters are the days after the wedding, not the day of the wedding." She wised up and left the couple alone to plan for their big day.

If we can take those bit of the time and energy that were used to planned a perfect wedding and use that into our daily marital lives, I bet there would be a much lower divorce rate in this world. Oh shit! Why am I talk about the taboo word "divorce" when I am supposed to be blogging about the happy union. CHOY! CHOY! CHOY!
* slap my own bloody mouth.

What I want to say is: It's not an easy feat, staying married and being parents, but it had been the best thing that had happened to me! I hope it will also bring out the BEST in my bro and my sweet SIL.

One last word for those who are married. Always remember to count your blessings, no matter how big or small they seem. They are all important. :)

(Lovely pictures, courtesy of Hao.)

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