Friday, August 21

My H1N1 Scare

Last 2 days past really quickly, maybe because I was sleeping most of the time. It was breakfast, medicine, sleep, lunch, medicine, sleep, dinner, medicine, sleep; very clockwork-like.

I remembered after I had my temperature taken at the clinic, the nurse handed me a mask and told me to put it on as I was running a temperature. After I had my consultation with the doctor, he immediately instructed his nurses to put on their masks. And at that instant, I realized that people in the clinic chose to stand when there were 2 seats available, to the right and left of me. Wasn't it obvious that they were avoiding me? At that moment, I felt as if there was a "BEWARE OF H1N1" sign stamped right across my forehead!

Being a preggy, I was discouraged to take Tamiflu, so doctor prescribe some "safe" drug for common cold and sent me back to "isolate" myself. He said something like, "If the fever persist after 2 days, please admit yourself into KK." Somehow I get the feeling that he don't want to see me ever. LOL! Maybe he is just as fearful of H1N1 as anybody else.

Well, the good new is, today is Day 3 and my fever has gone! I am feeling tired but very much better compared to the past 2 days. At least, I am up in the afternoon, typing this entry, so to hell with H1N1! You made me feel so discriminated!

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