Monday, August 17

What is that?

I cried when I watched this video. It reminded me that, as a parent I have to do what I have do, even though the outcome of my doing might not always be that endearing. That's perhaps the price of parenthood!

Like yesterday, I was with Laetitia at my cousin's baby shower. Laetitia was playing with one of the baby's toy and I repeatedly told her that the toy don't belongs to her and she can play with it but she can't have it.

When we were leaving, I was able to remove the toy from her peacefully and that amazed my aunt. She asked me how I managed to do it. I replied, "Ohhh.... All I have to do is to repeat myself, probably a thousand times and then pray that she will get it after the 1001th time."

My aunt thought I was joking. I wasn't.

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someone said...

the video is really touching... *sob...


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