Sunday, September 13

Bali, Oh Bali!

Went for a short getaway from 09.09.09-12.09.09 with Mr Hubby, while Laetitia went on a cruise trip with her grandparents.

It was my 3rd trip to Bali, but there were still many "first time" for me. Like...

1) My first on a motorbike with Mr Hubby, and not forgetting my swollen belly.
2) My first time not touching a single drop of alcohol while in the land of BINTANG!
3) My first on drinking the world most expensive coffee, coming from the poo poo of some animal.
4) My first near experience of being cheated at an illegal money changer.
5) My first time in Bali, buying only 1 dress.
6) My first time being asked "Are you on honeymoon?" so many times, despite seeing that I am obviously a preggy!
7) My first, dining beachfront with beautiful view of the crashing waves, feet buried in the sand and fireworks in the sky. Simply took my breathe away!
8) My first massage after this pregnancy.
9) My first time not surfing in Bali; in fact I didn't even swim.

10) and oh... this was our first time in Bali together and we will be back again, with our kids when they are older, in the future.

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