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Wednesday, October 28

Daddy and his little girl

Mr Hubby told me this story about the Dad who caught a prized souvenir of a foul ball during a baseball game and gave it to her daughter, only to have her thrown it back into the pit.

The Dad was shocked by what her daughter did but was neither angry nor upset; he just went on to hug his daughter and this heartwarming scene was watched by millions over Youtube and other various channels. And it also melted Mr Hubby's heart.

Then on the other hand, we have this Father From HELL who bashed his little girl to death, all because he caught her playing with his stupid cigarettes. The little girl was a month short of her second birthday and she never live to blow out those candles. It's such a tragedy to have beast living among us.

I am eternally grateful to have Mr Hubby; he has always been a wonderful father to Laetitia. I like to watch them when they are together. Mr Hubby is so patient and caring towards her and Laetitia adores her Daddy just as much.

Secretly, I am suspecting that Mr Hubby loves Laetitia more than me, but it's okay, I can live with that. Nothing beats having the BEST father I can get for our little girl.

Thank you dear, for loving us.

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