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Saturday, October 24

Sick of Looking Like This

I was looking at some pictures that were taken last year and can't help but notice just how drastic pregnancy had changed me or maybe... 'destroyed' me. I had metamorphosed from this sexy hot mama to now... some creature that resembles the hybrid of a penguin and hippopotamus!

I had put on a massive 18kg in 6 months. And I still have another 3 more months to go! It's unthinkable! I am definitely going to cross the 20kg mark this time round. And damn those stretchmarks!

I have gotten so goddamn disgusted with the sight of my boobs and tummy! I can't wait to pop and then I can go on a diet and shed all this weight. But having put on so much more than my last pregnancy, I am a little worried. What if I can't go back down to my pre-natal weight? Would I have bits of fats hanging onto me forever?


NO!!! I can't have this happening to me.

I am going to need a MAJOR overhaul after giving birth. I think I would have to save up for lipo, RF and also some minor but invasive surgeries to regain my look. I think I also want a higher nose bridge and some cheek bones might be good too.

I am vain? You bet! After looking like some fat-ass auntie for more 9 months; it's only fair that I do something after this to look better than before.

Erm..... Anyone want to sponsor?? 20K should be enough. hehehe....

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