Thursday, October 15

To The Future and Beyond

The Annual BC Convention had been really FUN! FUN! FUN! But also tiring. I came back home the next day totally exhausted and fell asleep before 8pm.

Theme for this year's D&D was "Futuristic". Every year I would make an effort to dress up for the theme and this year was no exception.

The year before last, we had Movie Night; I was also pregnant then, and I went dressed as that yellow raincoat clad ghost in the movie "Dark Water". Last year's theme was 'Christmas Came Early' and I played the Sexy Santarina, 10 months after giving birth to Laetitia.

And this is my look this year: The Pink-Haired Mama from the future.

Check out the purple lashes and my Kate Von D inspired stars "tattoo" which I drew with liquid eye-liner.

I painted my nails in the weirdest shade of blue.

And then, there was my bulging tummy. It made me felt a lot like telly-tubby!! They are from the future too.

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