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Thursday, October 1

The Surrogate Mom

I was reading this article about surrogate mothers who "rented" their wombs to carry and deliver someone elses' babies.

This woman, Miss Hawkins, is not married, has no children of her own but she is doing this for the fact that she loves being pregnant! She had done it over and over for 7 times!

I can't believe this. Did she actually enjoys the morning sickness, the horrible stretch of her own belly, the piling of weight, the swollen breasts, the breathlessness, the heart burns, not to mention the risks of death in labor??! OMG, this is pure madness!

I hate every single moment of my pregnancy! I can't wait to get it over and done with as quickly as possible but pregnancy isn't something we can hurry. Even though, being BIG sucks for me, I will never consider a surrogate mother to have my children. It's simply too bizarre for me to understand, let alone accept.

How can one enjoy being pregnant but not love the child that who bore to her??

Is it just me, or does anyone out there hates being pregnant too?

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