Wednesday, December 16

Not that Madly In Love

I had a telephone conversation with my bro earlier and one thing led to another, suddenly we were on the topic of "being madly in love". We both agreed that people who are madly in love do the stupidest things and not realise any. And when it's all over, sometimes the person or couple became the gossip or/and the butt of jokes for many months to come.

I look at "being madly in love" as being SICK. It's almost like having some mental illness that makes you do things beyond your wildest imagination and be trapped in a mindset that everything about the person is perfect and your lives together is all that matters. Some thinks that it's romantic, I think it's kind of disgusting.

If you love the show "Twilight", you probably also worshipped this kind of MAD LOVE. The intensive, thrilling, mind-blowing kind of passion! Which is not very healthy for one's young mind, I would suppose. Look at the tag-line of the poster below, "YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW", it says. WTF! Your whole damn life is about that person and the person alone? Dude, you are missing of so MUCH MORE!

I am just glad I am not that madly in love with Mr Hubby. But of course I love him, but our love is rational. And most importantly... he is no vampire!

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