Friday, December 25

My Blessed Christmas

I felt so blessed this Christmas to be surrounded by lots of warmth and love!

On the eve of Christmas, I had some very close people to my heart over for dinner and mini gift exchange. Although the presents were all inexpensive, but we had a lot of joy receiving them.

On Christmas Day, it's a tradition in my family to have lunch together at my aunt's place, feasting on ham, log cakes and so much more food! And those awful Karaoke singing filled the entire flat, like always.

Mr Hubby, who had already bought me a LV bag, surprised me with my second Christmas present. He gave me a fabulous book, "The Contented Baby with Toddler Book", so I can be a better mom when our second baby arrives next month. I love this man, he is so thoughtful at times!

Finally, this year, I received a festive SMS from my Dad... the first time in my life! Although he might be 20 years too late to try get chummy with me and my bro, I replied his SMS and wish him Merry Christmas all the same. Well, it's Christmas, a time to forget about painful past and to celebrate the lives we have now!

And to have a perfect ending to my blessed Christmas... Mr Hubby and I are sneaking out to catch a midnight show later, while Laetitia is fast asleep. Hehehe...


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